Amethyst 108 Bead Hand Knotted Prayer Mala

Amethyst 108 Bead Hand Knotted Prayer Mala

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Our 108 Bead prayer malas are hand-knotted, and the Guru bead is a Bodhi seed from the tree the Buddha sat under when he attained enlightenment. Every bead is knotted while either reciting or listening to a mantra.

As well as Amethyst being a stone that can help neutralize the effects of EMF's, all of the malas are energized on The Miracle, which is a scalar wave vortex machine made by Quantum Sound Therapy. We've make a playlist of the frequencies of Miracle, Wellness, Heart Opening and Divine Blessing. We got you covered! 

Amethyst is known to be an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It is typically associated with the third-eye. 

Amethyst interacts with far-red radiation; a long-wavelength that regenerates cells, improves sleep, circulates blood and lymph, balances moods, heals wounds, fights bacteria, and increases antioxidants.

Protecting against EMF’s, amethyst also emits negative ions, removing toxins and free radicals, while offering respiratory support.  Red and blue make purple; the colors of the root, heart, and throat chakras, respectively.  Each Blisslet is rooted by garnet, crowned by amethyst. 

Every gemstone in the Amethyst Bliss collection you wear is A-plus quality. Our amethysts are birthed in the womb of Mother Africa. Our garnets rise from the spiritual sub-continent of India. Amethyst Bliss is sheer bliss to wear.

Wear it with our blissings.

The Light Amethyst are A Grade quality that is why they're more expensive.