R E T U R N S/ E X C H A N G E S

If you received your Amethyst Bliss order and are not satisfied with it, you are welcome to return it within 14 days of the ship date for a refund less shipping (if applicable), to the original method of payment. 

The item(s) may only be returned within 14 days of receipt, returns after 14 days will be sent back to the buyer at buyer’s shipping cost.

We’ll send you a confirmation email as soon as your return has been received; please note that it may take 7-10 business days from the date you received this email for the funds to be available in your account. If returning for credit, a Amethyst Bliss online code will be emailed to you in the amount of the items received. If it is a gift, please include the gift giver’s full name or email address to search for order information. If you do not have this information, we’re happy to help! You can email the customer service team at


Amethyst Bliss offers a one-time replacement or one-time repair within the first year of purchase due to a defect. Repairs typically take 4-6 weeks to complete. 

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