Bracelet Sizing

Amethyst Bliss Bracelets are sized like this:
S fits a 5.5 - 6" wrist and is a 6.5" Bracelet
M fits a 6 - 7" wrist and is a 7.5" Bracelet
L fits a 7- 8" wrist and is an 8" Bracelet
Child fits a 5" wrist
Custom - please let us know your exact wrist size by typing it in the note section. 

Wrist sizing

These simple instructions tell you how to measure your wrist properly so you can be sure your bracelets will fit right. 

When measuring for bracelets, measure tightly where your wrist is broadest. 
Measure your wrist with a flexible, soft tape measure* (or click here to print out a paper measure.) just below the wrist bone (below the wrist bone is the area between your hand and the wrist bone). This is your actual wrist size, which is what we want to know so we can give you a perfect fit!

Using a flexible measuring tape*, Measure just above (towards elbow) the wrist bone.

*Tip: If you don't have a tape measure handy, Click here, and mark it where it overlaps on your wrist. Then lay the strip flat to measure up to the mark using any ruler.