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Amethyst Bliss

Why wear Amethyst?

Amethyst helps to counteract the harmful effects of EMFs, (aka Electro-Magnetic Fields.) EMFs are invisible areas of radiation generated by virtually everything in our modern world. From cell phones to wireless connections to overhead power lines, from handheld devices to laptops to tv, even the seemingly innocent household electrical outlet gives off an EMF. The things we live and work with every day, permeates our schools, our workplaces, our homes with EMFs, passing through walls, clothing, our very bodies.

EMFs, and other microwave frequencies, tax our nervous system to the point of fatigue. By wearing amethyst, we put the color frequencies of the mineral composition of amethyst, (i.e., silicon dioxide, ferrous dioxide, and manganese dioxide,) into our energetic field - particularly the color purple, which is the color of the Crown Chakra in Ayurvedic philosophy. Subsequently, we are better able to adapt to this overstimulation of the nervous system.